Authors: John Skartveit, Friðgeir Grímsson, Torsten Wappler

Here we describe fossil Bibionidae (Diptera) insects from the late Miocene Hrútagil locality (part of the 9–8 Ma Skarðsströnd–Mókollsdalur formation) in Iceland. This material offers a rare chance to study a fossil insect fauna from a North Atlantic oceanic island. The material includes three species, one from each genera of Bibio, Dilophus and Penthetria, but only the former is sufficiently well preserved to warrant description as a new taxon, Bibio edda sp. nov., most superficially similar to B. brevis Heer, 1849 but differs in wing and tibial characters, among others. Finally, we compare the species to other fossil Bibionidae known from the Miocene of continental Europe.

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