Authors: Friðgeir Grímsson, Johan L. C. H. van Valkenburg, Jan J. Wieringa, Alexandros Xafis, Bonnie F. Jacobs, Reinhard Zetter

Three currently accepted Sclerosperma species appear to produce four different pollen morphologies. Sclerosperma mannii and S. walkeri pollen share the same distinct reticulate sculpture, but S. profizianum produces three different pollen types (microreticulate, fossulate, and perforate). The pollen morphology suggests that S. mannii and S. walkeri are sister taxa of the same intrageneric lineage. The pollen diversity observed in S. profizianum suggests (a) this taxon is unique regarding its pollen diversity despite being a non-heterostylous plant or (b) that circumscription of S. profizianum as a species may well be in the need of redefinition. 

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